KidysmMindfulness through Playfulness!

Kidysm Sessions

Dynamic Thinking

In today's world of information and social media overload, the Dynamic Thinking Program is structured to encourage agile thinking in our GenZ. Through uniquely designed games, activities, worksheets, YouTube videos, online apps and hands-on tasks, our children are guided on how to:
1. Examine topics from different perspectives
2. Filter through information and decide what is relevant to them
3. Think intuitively and make decisions based on “gut-feeling”
4. Apply learnings to everyday life, rather than compartmentalize knowledge as theory

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Kids Yoga

Specially designed yoga classes for children of all ages.
How often do we adults say: if only I started this earlier… This is an opportunity for kids to learn how to connect the mind with the body, the body with the breath and the breath with the present moment - techniques that will last them a lifetime.

1. Early age exposure to a life-long journey of yoga
2. Body-mind connection
3. Mindfulness habits
4. Physical alertness and Flexibility
5. Calmness and Emotional Regulation

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Kids Clay, Pottery and Sculpture

A creative way to improve children's hand-eye coordination and to encourage neurological processes to develop complex connections in a playful and stress-free environment. Through this hands-on activity, kids learn through trial and error and maximize innovation and original thinking.

Benefits include:
1. Encouraging motor skills
2. Play-based learning
3. Hand- eye coordination
4. Awakening Innovation

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Creative Exploration

Creativity allows for a unique channel of communication, trigging right brain pathways of curiosity, exploration and flow. Through the specially chosen activities under Creative Exploration, we focus on creating an environment of non-judgement, and provide our children the opportunity to explore the world around us in a deep way. We encourage expression of their opinions and help them develop an understanding of the world and them self through varied arts and crafts modalities.

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Creative Expression

Creative Expression classes are designed to allow children a free flow of energy and an easy channeling of their own inner creative power. Through music, dance and art we help guide kids through a process of self expression and individuality! This is a playful space to inspire authenticity and grit in the next generation.

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Kids Mixed Martial Arts - COMING SOON

Traditionally, martial arts and meditation techniques were taught to children from a very young age. This is the time they are most susceptible to learning new skills that would follow them into adulthood.

Benefits include:
1. Balanced energy
2. Mindfulness
3. Higher consciousness
4. Body-mind connection
5. Discipline

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A game with endless layers of teachings, learning chess at an early age encourages problem solving, improves concentration and memory to say the least. Children learn patience and innovation as they exercise both sides of the brain. Open to children of all ages, and even those with learning disorders, kids will experience a significant rise in their IQ and overall brain development.

Benefits include:
1. Improves concentration & memory
2. Develops logic & critical thinking
3. Encourages ways of problem solving
4. Raises IQ
5. Exercises both sides of the brain

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Music Composition/ Song writing - COMING SOON

Exploring sound, music composition and song writing, cultivates a unique part of the brain and a child’s development. Through the vibration of sounds, their body is exposed to different frequencies at a young age. This encourages the development of early talent and creative expression.

Benefits include:
1. Enhance brain function
2. Develop creativity
3. Improve memory & concentration
4. Improves coordination
5. Opens up children to express themselves

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Kids Swimming

Swimming for kids develops a strong foundation of endurance and physical stamina. Further, learning how to feel safe in water at a young age, grows self-confidence and improves overall coordination. This is an activity that will last them a life-time. Further our instructors are specially selected to meet our internal Karma standards. Through Bodysm, we offer you an experience that not only improves their swim stroke, but also energizes their spirit.

Benefits include:
1. Improves strength, endurance and coordination
2. Builds self-confidence
3. Balances stress levels

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Kids Gymnastics

Our gymnastics classes are fun yet challenging, building the foundations of movement and flexibility at a young age. We complement gymnastics with choreographed dance based on the child’s interest. Through discipline and determination their mind and body develops strength and power that will integrate with other activities in their life.

Benefits include:
1. Strength, Coordination & Flexibility
2. Fundamentals of Movement
3. Discipline, Listening, & Determination
4. Self Esteem & Confidence

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Kids Football

Our football classes are challenging but always fun, building the fundamentals of strategy and stamina at a young age. We cultivate determination and confidence through a One-on-One approach to bring out the child's most natural talents. Through discipline their mind and body develops the power that will not only show up on the field but also in their everyday life.

Benefits include:
1. Stamina & Coordination
2. Fundamentals of Tactics & Strategy
3. Discipline & Determination
4. Self Esteem & Confidence

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Debate and Negotiation - COMING SOON


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The Story

Children have an abundance of space within them to expand into their greatest potential as humans.

At Kidysm, we focus on building their self-confidence and dynamic thinking by honoring individualism, encouraging independence, acknowledging grit over performance.

Kidysm offers a One-on-One approach to support children with customized programs and focused attention.

We work on creating a safe, intuitive, non-competitive environment that opens up children to observe who they are, why they do what they do and maximize their potential.

The Benefits

  • Mindfulness through playfulness
  • Unique tailor-made child development programs
  • One-on-one support for individual growth
  • Awakening creativity & dynamic thinking
  • Cultivating individualism
  • Flexible timings & support from the comfort of your home

Who's this for ?

  • Children of all ages
  • Those with special needs or learning challenges
  • Children seeking exploration and adventure
  • Those looking to develop a skill or cultivate a talent
  • Expat children seeking balance & support