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Client Testimonials

Olivia MannerManaging Director, Founder at Hello Chef

Harriet MandakHolistic Life Coach

RiaFrom Netherlands

FionaFrom Berlin

Ananda FlassEntrepreneur

Zainab KufaishiHead of Middle East & Africa, Invesco Dubai

SheemainBodysm Brand Ambassador

Haya ShahinFunctional Medicine Health Coach & Mum of Four

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Sanitization standards


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1. Satisfaction guaranteed


Your Pain : Finding the right instructor for your needs.
@bodysm : We systematically review your experience to ensure that your goals and expectations are being met. Our review and feedback process allows you to be paired with the perfect instructor at each juncture to guide you along your bodysm journey.

2. High calibre instructors


Your Pain : Differentiating between a good vs great instructor.
@bodysm : The instructors invited to join bodysm are evaluated by a panel of highly experienced and qualified professionals to meet the exceeding bodysm standards. Further, bodysm invests back into the training and development of its team to ensure that our privileged clients receive the most current and meaningful experiences.

3. Sanitization standards


Your Pain : In the time of Coronavirus, how do you ensure your safety in gyms, yoga studios and with PT instructors?
@bodysm : Minimise your exposure to pathogens through our strict hygiene processes which include daily temperature screening of instructors and sanitisation of equipment while practicing in the safe environment of your home.

4. Total Yoga kit at your door


Your Pain : Yoga props are expensive, limited and risk contamination.
@bodysm : We take the burden off you by providing our Total Yoga Kit delivered at your doorstep before each class, ensuring that you experience the ultimate One-on-One Yoga session with bodysm. The Total Kit includes: our patented pending yoga grid mat, blocks, belts, bolsters, blankets & sanitisation materials.

5. Technology


Your Pain : Too much time and effort wasted on multiple touch-points for booking, cancellation and modification of appointments. The lack of visibility and control of your sessions history.
@bodysm : We are a process and technology driven company providing clients and instructors a user-friendly experience via the bodysm booking app.
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Customer Reviews

Customer Testimonial 3

"My husband and I have used the services Bodysm offer for over a year now ranging from transformational yoga, couples yoga, mindfulness workshops, family constellation, stress management for us as individuals and also for our corporate teams. Bodysm's customer service is great and the comfort of working out of the home is such a perk. I highly recommend it!"

OLIVIA MANNER, Founder of Hello Chef

Customer Testimonial 2

"Bodysm is a great provider of services that we as a family look for regularly. They honor their motos, they show up on time, all their staff is very professional and dedicated to what they do, and the service they provide is really impeccable. So I am truly grateful!"

HAYA SHAHIN, Functional Medicine Health Coach & Mum of Four

Customer Testimonial 1

"As someone with extensive experience with energy work, I cannot recommend Devanshu - One of Bodysm's SOUL therapists, enough! He brings a unique voice and perspective to the Dubai Wellness Community and his sessions always present special opportunities for self-growth."

KURT, Energy Healing Practitioner and Client


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