Who we are ?

We are a community that supports personal growth and balance in our daily lives.


Our vision is to empower every human being to tune into their divine elemental frequency.

The bodysm story

When you cant’ go outside, go inside…

In the time of Coronavirus, we are witness to our long-standing and established structures crumbling. We are beginning to realize the vulnerability of our so-called “reliable” systems. Our routines are disrupted, people are stranded, and we are starting to question even more deeply than before what certainty is.

As we look deeper inside ourselves, we find the inner island of sanity and security.
We realize we are well if – the body, soul, mind is in sync.
We are peaceful if – all is well in our heart and our inner core.

This awakening is creating a need like never before to let go of our old patterns and behaviour.

To re-invent ourselves through the revival and the unity of Body, Soul and Mind.

…It starts with me!

Our Purpose

To support self-driven individuals on their path to self-discovery and growth; through the advancement of:

  • mental and emotional regulation practices
  • eclectic ideas, philosophies, training and therapy on wellness and wellbeing
  • deep and meaningful connections

Our Process

To facilitate, validate and encourage individuals in their journey of self-discovery, growth and happiness through the creation of programs, tools, surveys, equipment, apps, software, and e-marketplace platforms for the exchange of services and products.


The four facets of bodysm are:

  • Body – through Transformational Bodywork
  • Soul – through Consciousness Awakening
  • Mind – through Mindfulness/ Meditation
  • Nutriton – through Mindful Eating

Why bodysm?

We are passionate and committed to the development and maintenance of Bodysm’s Online Platform and to studying, practising and spreading methodologies that further personal discovery, growth and happiness. Through Bodysm, we provide a judgement-free space that lovingly holds and supports each individual as they take the necessary steps towards self-realization (and moksha)

Our Values:

  • + Transparency
  • + Integrity
  • + Balance
  • + Empathy
  • + Gratitude

For Whom?

An open-minded, motivated person, interested in self-growth, development and happiness.

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